After Sedation

You will likely be in a state that ranges from stupor and confusion to euphoria immediately after your oral sedation or IV sedation. This is normal and will linger for the rest of the day. By the next morning, your mentation will be pretty much back to normal.

Going Home

A responsible adult must stay with you at home for at least 12 hours. This person will be your eyes and ears and will be there to help you eat as well as go to the bathroom. You will probably sleep for the majority of the day and will not remember much of what happened that day. A small bandage or tape will be applied to the area where the IV was placed; this tape or bandage can be removed later that evening.

CAUTION: If you suddenly sit up or stand from a lying position you may become dizzy. If you are lying down at home, make sure you sit up for one minute before standing


Only liquids or soft foods should initially be consumed. Drink from a glass and do not use straws. The sucking motion can cause more bleeding by dislodging the blood clot. You may eat anything soft by chewing away from the surgical sites. A high calorie, high protein intake is very important. Our staff can provide suggested diet instructions. Nourishment should be taken regularly. You should prevent dehydration by taking fluids regularly. Your food intake will be limited for the first few days. You should compensate for this by increasing your fluid intake. At least 5 to 6 glasses of liquid should be taken daily. Try not to miss any meals. You will feel better, have more strength, less discomfort, and heal faster if you continue to eat.

Smoking & Alcohol

Please refrain from smoking of any kind (ie: tobacco, vape, marijuana) to reduce infection and a special condition called dry socket. Smoking causes the clot that is normal to the healing process to become dislodged – this can cause additional and prolonged bleeding or a painful phenomenon called dry socket.  We recommend no smoking for at least 1 week after your dental procedures.

Please refrain from alcohol consumption especially if you take any prescription pain pills prescribed by us.  Most of the pain pills we prescribed may cause nausea and vomiting, and if you add alcohol in addition to these pain pills, the outcome will be amplified!  Our pain pills may also cause drowsiness that will also be amplified if there is concurrent alcohol consumption!  We recommend no alcohol consumption for at least 1 week after your dental procedure.

Nausea & Vomiting

In the event of nausea and/or vomiting following surgery, do not take anything by mouth for at least an hour, including the prescribed medicines. You should then sip on Coke, tea, or ginger ale. You should sip slowly over a 15-minute period. When nausea subsides you can begin taking solid foods and the prescribed medicine.

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