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Dr. Austin Gaal is a fellowship-trained oral and maxillofacial surgeon who practices the full scope of the specialty (including dental implants, complicated dental extractions, orthognathic surgery, and trauma) with special focus on cleft lip and palate primary and secondary surgical management.

Originally from Atlanta, Georgia, Dr. Gaal completed his Doctorate of Dental Surgery at Columbia University College of Dental Medicine in New York City. In 2014, Dr. Gaal entered a four-year residency in Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery (OMS) at the University of Washington. During his residency, he received a hearty exposure of the full scope of OMS including dentoalveolar, head and neck, orthognathic, and cleft surgery. His time at Seattle Children’s Hospital sparked his interest in the pediatric population and cleft team care. Dr. Gaal was then chosen to directly study under Drs. Kevin Smith and Paul Tiwana in a one-year fellowship at the University of Oklahoma. During his tenure there, Dr. Gaal participated in the care of pediatric patients with special emphasis in cleft lip and palate surgery, operating as primary surgeon or first-assist on generally 3-5 cleft cases per week. This included primary and secondary cleft management (initial lip and palate repair, velopharyngeal surgical management, cleft bone graft, and orthognathic surgery). Neonatal distraction osteogenesis was also a heavy emphasis of the program since the fellowship director, Dr. Smith, designed the KLS Micro-Zurich device.

Returning to Seattle, Washington in 2019, Dr. Gaal joined Drs. Wang and Amini at Cascadia Oral and Facial Surgery. He is an affiliate clinical professor at the University of Washington, serving at several hospitals in the Seattle area including Harborview Medical Center, University of Washington Medical Center, and Seattle Children’s Hospital. Engagement with cleft international mission work is also a keen focus of Dr. Gaal. His most recent trip to Guatemala was in 2019 with the Free To Smile and TESS Unlimited groups, since the global burden of cleft care is astounding.

Dr. Gaal is married and has two children. The entire family enjoys the outdoors and is relinquished to follow Dad around the globe on much mission work to do in the future.

Dr. Gaal is accepting new adult and pediatric patients for general and complex oral and maxillofacial procedures including primary and secondary cleft lip and palate surgery, orthognathic surgery, and dental extractions.

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Columbia University College of Dental Medicine, NYC
Doctor of Dental Surgery

University of Washington, WA
Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery Certificate

University of Oklahoma, OK
Fellowship in Cleft and Craniofacial Surgery


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Dr. Gaal is very caring and takes his time with his patients.

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Being financially challenged they were very considerate and understanding.

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Thanks, great service!

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Excellent! Informed me about procedure. Met my needs during procedure. Good explanation of post care.

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Comfortable with service.

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Dr.Gaal is the best and most awesome dentist ever! Gentle, kind, genuine, funny, and comfortable to be around, he put me at ease immediately, telling me exactly what he planned to do; and, told me step by step, as he was doing the actual surgery, every detail. I am almost 70 years old and grew up on candy bars and soda pop, so believe me when I say my lifetime- dental-experience is vast and profound. Heather and Tamara are highly skilled in assisting Dr.Gaal, both compassionate and professional. I was a little overwhelmed by having to fill out the registration ahead of time on-line, but it was easy. I was somewhat apprehensive about the drive from Snohomish to Kirkland, but it was only a half hour away, and the directions were very clear and easy! (Bonus: Hot coffee on my arrival.). Finally, I got to see my x-rays, and, I got to keep the tooth that was extracted. By the way, I not only had the tooth pulled, but I had horizontal and vertical bone grafting and a sinus lift! My overall experience was very positive.

- Denise C

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